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Yoga practicioner Image by Jared Rice


The impact of mindful yoga on the body and spirit, and the joy of exchanging energy and sharing this holistic body practice were the drivers to find a way to take it further.

Moreover, realizing that finding time for self-care and the discipline to make it a part of a regular routine is a challenge many experience inspired the formation of Bestemming Yoga, which represents the idea that our practice is the destination and the destination is where we are.


Albeit a private session, an overnight retreat, a workshop or a week-long holiday, all can be the perfect location to try yoga, enhance your practice, challenge, and nourish yourself. The goal is just to be - relax, restore, refresh, reset from the treadmill that life can be.


Our first retreat in Costa Rica, "Pura Vida" cemented the goal to create more experiences that pay this joy forward. Bestemming Yoga provides opportunities to recharge the body, mind, and soul, build connections and community that can be life-changing. 


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